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Some of the biggest home Seller mistakes in Long Beach, California are listed below. While the ‘mother ship’ has provided us with this beautiful graphic there is something a little strange about it . . . do you see what I see?

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ActiveRain is an online community of real estate professionals who exchange best practices, write real estate blogs and get free education from the industry and their peers.

These are clearly the top mistakes made by Sellers. I feel confident that ActiveRain really did the research with the 1,000 agents. But I added up all those percentages and came up with 212%… did you see that too? Who knows, working through some of these issues can be so frustrating, maybe the agents being polled voted for more than one issue.

In my experience the two most common are very similar… because they sorta sneak up on the Seller over time. That’s ‘too much clutter’ and ‘unpleasant odors’. Since the owner has lived there while the clutter has been piling up, heck they have been the ones piling it up, it’s difficult for them to see it. Surprisingly enough, excess clutter can actually lead to unpleasant odors.

I’ve met with nice people before who really want to sell their home. After they sign the listing agreement, when we walk the house and yard and I let them know what they need to let go of. With a few exceptions they agree with my recommendations and I ask them “When”… When will you have this done? They let me know ‘when’ and I tell them I’m going to hold you to that date.

When I come back to view the project, wheather it be a garage clean out, a back-yard weed-wacker jamboree, or a simple act the the disappearing tchotchkes…. mind you, most people get it, these things need to be done. But some people do the bare minimum, they do so little that unless you had before and after pictures it would be hard to see any improvement. Clutter is the biggest issue I come across, and the negative impact it can have on the sales process is not to be taken lightly.

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did putting it together… Until next time!

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