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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

As someone who sells homes in Long Beach, I am

always looking for value ads I can pass on to the citizens of this fine city I call home. One of the newest and coolest ideas I’ve come across recently is the “Go Long Beach” app for your smart phone.

How the app works:

“Any time someone with a smart phone notices a problem anywhere in the City, they can now use the Go Long Beach App to provide a picture, description and precise GPS coordinates of the problem to be fixed."

The initial service categories are graffiti, graffiti in parks, code violations, loose dog running in the street, broken water fountains in parks, potholes, illegally dumped items, missing street signs, sidewalk damage, dead animal pickup, and overgrown weeds on private property. More categories will be added based on the need and requests.

As a real estate sales person I’m always out in the field. In days gone by if there was a code violation, or a gargantuan pot hole near one of my listings I groused about it but with a couple of exceptions I never called anyone who could fix it. Now it’s easy peezy… snap a pic, they capture where it’s shot from via GPS and I’m on my way. Surprisingly enough, in most cases within 2 days the issue is resolved; with graffiti it’s even faster. Graffiti has a two to three hour response time, come hell or highwater they are out there the same day.

This app has worked so well that it has spawned a sister app, for the Long Beach Police Department. The police app is pretty self explanatory, like the Go Long Beach app if you see a crime taking place, or if heaven forbid you’ve been abducted… you turn on the app and though GPS the police know where you are and they send help. It’s so easy to use I hope people don’t abuse it, “That guy next door is making too much noise again… where’s my smart phone.” If you’re not from Long Beach I’m sure as a Realtor you could be a hero by bringing it, or something like it to your town.

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did putting it together… Until next time!

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