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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

For some folks in this country talking about a drought right now might not make a whole lot of sense. With that nasty ‘polar vortex’ dropping down south a few times this year, it’s still very cold in the east.

Surprisingly enough, it is bone dry here in southern California. We are coming off the driest year since they have been keeping rainfall records. Unfortunately 2014 didn’t show signs for bringing anymore rain than 2013, in fact the Governor has just declared a drought in the state of California. How do they know that we are in a drought you say… or that summer will be dangerously dry…. they count the snow pack in the mountains. If we don’t have snow, we don’t have run off water and things start to die.

I’ve got family in central California that are nut growers, walnuts, pecans and pistachios. They are knocking the yet to mature nuts off their trees in hopes that they will require less water and have a better chance of making it through the year. It’s an expensive proposition, but if it can save 40 year old trees it will be worth it.

More and more home Buyers in southern California are leery of having luscious landscaping around homes they are considering for purchase. “Sure the home looks nice now, but what is the water bill… and what if we run out of water” Municipalities are asking everyone to use 20% of what they have been using. That’s right, they are looking for us to trim our showers (and everything else we us water for) by 80%.

The Long Beach Water Department believes half of the water used by each household in Long Beach is used for the purpose of watering it’s landscape, and they would like to see this change. They are willing to pay homeowners up $3,000 to remove their lawn and replace it with drought tolerant shrubs and native flora. There are a number of homes that have undergone this transformation, and they are beautiful. As we have very little water of our own here in southern California, this is surely a trend that is on the rise.

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did putting it together… Until next time!

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